Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The title of this blog is semi-facetious. I am a math teacher so my life literally revolves around mathematics, but I am not a mathematician. A mathematician studies math and is always looking for new math discoveries or new uses for math. I recycle and regurgitate simple math to semi-comatose high school students so they can graduate and go on to more illustrious careers (hopefully they can balance a checkbook and understand compound interest, but I wouldn't bet on it).

I do love teaching, and math is one of the things I'm good at, so... I'm finishing my 24th year and I still love the students--if anything drives me out it will be the paperwork and the b.s. that comes along with anything involved with a bureaucratic system of government. There's also the attitude of some parts of the public that we are "public servants" and therefore are somehow inferior to people that work in the private sector. As soon as they require every parent to take a parenting class and require them to be involved with their child's education, I will willingly take a 20% pay cut.

Carpe jugulum.

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